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Las Corralizas, first line of mushrooms! Be careful that you step on them!

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The Corralizas, the home of the Mushrooms!

The best place to collect mushrooms, you're not next, you're on top!

From Las Corralizas, we encourage you to come and pick mushrooms to the Sierra de Albarracín.


Imagine sleeping SURROUNDED BY MUSHROOMS, that is what happens in our installation, simply because we are part of the forest.

The Region of the Sierra de Albarracín, Mycological Paradise!

Enjoy and learn, respect and enjoy.

The Sierra de Albarracín has an extraordinary mycological richness, within the edible species we can find 39 of the 58 edible wild species, included in Royal Decree 30/2009, January 16, of sanitary conditions for the commercialization of mushrooms for food use. You can also find other edible high quality non-tradable species such as candida (Leucopaxillus candidus) or mill (Clitopillus prunulus).

The abundance of these species is variable depending on the weather, but even in inadequate climatological years, there are always edible species that we can collect.

Coto Micológico de la Sierra de Albarracín. AMICO

Take a look at how the preserve works.

Continuing with the work begun in 2014, the Sierra de Albarracín Region continues to promote, from a supramunicipal perspective and a co-participative approach with the different sectors involved (Comunidad de Albarracín, Associations, Town Councils, Societies, Owners of estates, bodies of security, etc.), the project called: "Mycological Utilization of the Region of the Sierra de Albarracín" (AMICO).

This project has as main objectives:

Ensure a rational exploitation of the resource
Guarantee its conservation
Raise awareness, educate and inform in the exercise of this activity
Collaborate with the tourism sector to enhance the value of mycological tourism
Take advantage of the resource as a motor for local development.
This regulation project has been adapted to Decree 179/2014, of November 4, of the Government of Aragon, which regulates the collection and use of wild mushrooms in forest lands

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Carretera Fuente del Canto km 1.5


TERUEL - Aragón Spain

Teléfono. +34 978 72 10 50

mail. reservas@lascorralizas.com