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Places of interest

In Camping - Bungalows Sierra de Albarracín you can do many activities, either on your own or contracting the services of any of the active tourism companies with which we collaborate, so we can list some of them:


Visit the best preserved medieval city of our days, with an incredible variety of activities and places to discover. Just 25 minutes from Camping-Bungalows Sierra de Albarracín

Visit Albarracín from  Sierra de Albarracín Camping-Bungalows

Just a 25 minute drive away, we can visit the Town of Albarracín, one of the prettiest towns in Spain, are you going to miss it?


The dinosaur theme park of Teruel, just 45 minutes. Enjoy with your family a day in Teruel, see Dinópolis, spend the afternoon in the center tapas and making a purchase and return in the day to the campsite, nowhere like home.

Peracense Castle

This castle has been rebuilt and prepared for your visit, its situation and surroundings are spectacular. Today we can enjoy the museum, the guided tours and the exhibition of weapons what was once a border between two kingdoms.

Peracense Castle seen from a Drone

A spectacular castle, look back to the medieval period and enjoy this incredible construction.

Museum of Transhumance

In the Sierra, in the town of Guadalaviar, we can once again feel how life in the countryside makes its way. The Museum of Transhumance offers guided tours, observation and interaction with sheep, in its natural environment, where animals grow in freedom. 30 minutes from the campsite, excursion for one morning or afternoon

Mycological Garden of Noguera de Albarracín

At just 8 km. We can enjoy the mycology in all seasons of the year, through a guided tour by an expert mycologist, for the interpretation and differentiation of the species that we can collect in the Sierra de Albarracín and Montes Universales.

Interpretation Center of the National Hunting Reserve of the Montes Universales

Located in the town of Orihuela del Tremedal just 8 km from the campsite. In this center we can learn about the flora, the fauna, the ecosystems that we can find in the Serrania. Interesting, educational and exciting.


The Interpretation Center organizes visits to Guided Observation Stations at the time of the call, ask us, and we will help you to reserve from the campsite.

Adventure Park, Albarracín Adventure!

Located in the town of Torres de Albarracín, 15 km from Camping-Bungalows Sierra de Albarracín. Come to download adrenaline, have a great time with your children. For all levels from 1.30 m high.

Calomarde´s waterfall and San Pedro´s Windmill

Calomarde Waterfall, about 25 km, beautiful waterfall with recreational area equipped with playground. The Waterfall of the Mill of San Pedro, to about 45 km, cascade with possibility of bath.

House Codes Museum.

In Griegos, the second highest town in Spain, with its 1,601 meters above sea level. In the Casa Codes Museum we can visit an old noble house, where we will understand that the small details make the difference, everything has a meaning, listen and you will be amazed at how ingenious they were at that time. In addition Griegos has a pasture where graze sheep, cows, horses, is a good place to go with children.

The Barranco de Cardoso and the Sculpture of Peruano

Located at the end of Pozondón, 15 km from Camping-Bungalows Sierra de Albarracín, the place of Barranco de Cardoso will surprise you, its rocks and forms are very peculiar, and as a finishing touch, you will find the Peruvian Sculpture, carved in the rock. Two worlds, two cultures, represented majestically. All this in a corner that you do not expect, you see and tell us. Access must be done with a 4x4. Guided tours with transport are offered from Camping Las Corralizas 1,727m.

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